The Nigel Corneal BDM Staffing Solution

Specializing in Business Development

and HR Solutions for Canada & USA

bdmss, BDM Staffing Solution - For a 'Hire' degree of service


The BDM Staffing Solution is the cost effective way to get your jobs filled, with exceptional service and support at the most affordable rates!


Stop simply posting your jobs and hoping for the best, paying high agency rates or even higher fees to head-hunters.



Get complete search, screening, reference checking and a Six-Month Replacement Guarantee on every person you hire.


All from as little as $3000 per quarter!

Exceptional service at unbeatable rates,

with Guaranteed Results!



Here’s what you get when you partner with bdmss:

  • Every hire is guaranteed for six months from start date and you get your choice of a credit or replacement with the remaining guarantee time transferred to any subsequent hire.


  • A minimum hire guarantee means service and support until the number of hires committed to is met ensuring the most cost-effective and budget-conscious solution for filling your jobs.

  • Qualified candidates drawn from a large pool created from the exclusive BDM Applicant Database, and a search campaign that incorporates social media, direct networking, external database searches, and postings on multiple sites.

  • The extensive bdmss screening process fully documented and provided for each candidate brought forward for consideration.

  • You interview from a selection of fully screened candidates to ensure you hire the best available candidate, not the only one from a limited selection.

  • References checked upon request on each candidate you choose to interview.

For a confidential, no obligation assessment

Call 1-800-379-5629 or  416-628-5953

Skype nigel.corneal


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